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Fearlessly reimagining the future of space.

The Design team is driven by a passion to create spaces that enhance creativity and improve focus. As we reimagine the future of space and pursue innovative delivery methods, we hold technology as the backbone of our workflow. Across the globe, our architects, designers, engineers, and artists work together to deliver revolutionary spaces that communities are built upon. We design using global playbook, but are sure to add in local flavor, taking care to address unique needs and customs.

Design sub-functions

  • architecture

    The Architecture team is taking an innovative and holistic approach to how we design experiences through space. We’re as focused on what we design as we are on how we do it, taking great pride in reinventing the processes and platforms we deliver upon. We’ve put down the pencils, paper, and hourly spreadsheets in order to focus on what matters to us — our work and what it means to people.

  • interior design

    As interior designers, we’re focused on creating meaningful spaces that help people feel at once excited and efficient. We deliver thoughtful pieces and layouts that speak to the culture they’re steeped in while being universally recognizable. Our focus is on how our designs remind members that they’re a part of a global community and that we care deeply about their goals and how they reach them.

  • design technology

    We are responsible for creating and managing custom solutions and platforms while researching new technologies to make sure that our teams are always working as efficiently as possible. Our work is focused on ensuring data integrity and project precision to create buildings that work for the people who use and manage them.

  • MEP engineering

    We’re focused on the building services that go into our spaces through mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. We are constantly challenging the standards of the MEP industry, making sure that they are relevant to local market techniques, global advancements, and our own long-term goals to keep spaces adaptive to changing environments and member needs.

  • ICT engineering

    We are responsible for the design and installation of all IT related construction items. Coordinating across our internal projects teams and with external consultants, we utilize our breadth of knowledge across the ICT team to deliver efficient, effective systems that serve as the basis for how our spaces operate and are customized.

  • sustainability

    We’re taking a fresh and programmatic approach to designing solutions that reach beyond our company and lead sustainability into a bright future. We want to use our voice and position to positively impact society while holding ourselves accountable through our commitment to carbon neutrality, the elimination of single-use plastics, and the relationship between spaces & the people within them.

  • lighting

    In Lighting, we’re focused on addressing how a space should feel through the use of lights and daylight. We envision how the space will be used, strategize ways to bring different types of light into the space, and then implement a plan to create space that inspires the people using it.

  • art & graphics

    We’re a group of artists focused on creating moments through environmental graphic design, thinking about space as a design challenge. Through the custom design of murals, paintings, neon lights, and so much more we are bringing moments of delight to our members and pushing ourselves to grow as artists and people.

As we continue to expand across the globe, we are looking for eager and talented new members to join our Design team.
Job Postings
location tokyo, japan

lead, interior design

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location sydney, australia

senior architecture lead

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location london, united kingdom

design technology lead

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location shanghai, china

lighting lead

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