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Delivering the best product, at scale. Robots included.

Our Construction team leads the industry by building and leveraging industry-changing technology and methodology. Working alongside other Product team members, we strive to elevate the quality, speed, and cost of bringing our product to life. We are constantly iterating upon the construction process in order to streamline our fabrication and installation procedures. We begin before we are even inside the building, collaborating with our colleagues across all of Product to deliver our projects quickly and precisely. By incorporating our proprietary technology and research along the way, we are creating a more efficient and impactful workflow that informs the future of our industry.

Construction sub-functions

  • construction management

    Our team is inspired to consider the building process as a whole — where we’ve come from and where it can go — our Construction Management team ensures a unified vision is communicated and process implemented. From pre-construction to completion, we consider the health of our projects, the technologies deployed, and changes occurring across Product — changing the construction industry along the way.

  • construction technology

    We’re driven to create and deploy technologies that help us design more efficiently and interact across Product’s major functions. Our work is a natural extension of the design process from a construction perspective. We’re rethinking building delivery through the creation of new processes, smoother handoffs, and the deployment of both onsite and offsite technologies.

  • construction safety

    Our greatest concern is for the well-being of our team members as we build and open the spaces they’ve worked so hard to make a reality. Because of this, we take joy in ensuring site compliance with safety requirements and that all communication channels are open and operational.

  • cost management

    Everything comes at a cost — our job is ensuring that those costs are fair and reasonable across the construction industry. As we grow in our existing markets and expand into new frontiers, our team considers all aspects of cost estimation and management.

  • pre-fabrication & modularization

    Our focus is on producing in-house methodologies for pre-fabrication and robotics implementation into the construction process. We take delight in researching and designing innovative technologies and systems for enhanced robotics and streamlined customization of space.

As we continue to expand across the globe, we are looking for eager and talented new members to join our Construction team.
Job Postings
location sydney, australia

senior cost estimation due diligence lead

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location seattle, united states

senior construction superintendent

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location paris, france

cost management lead

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location london, united kingdom

construction manager

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