At WeWork, we’re defining the future of space.

our philosophy:
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Born out of a desire to break with conventional methodologies of our industry, our Product team holds innovation as fundamental to our mission. And we believe the most innovative ideas grow out of true collaboration across all the sectors of our group.

We’re on a boundless quest to create global and local communities through the built environment. Our global team of creators reimagines the way space is sourced, designed, and built in order to bring people together in meaningful ways.

We create distinctive experiences, using space as our canvas.
our team:

A team of architects, real estate managers, construction technologists, parents, interior designers, strategists, veterans, project managers, foodies, engineers, musicians, and teammates, WeWork Product turns ambitious ideas into reality.

We believe that each one of us can make an impact on the world, and that together we can be a powerful force for positive change. We are experts in the fields of real estate, construction, design, project management, strategy, and sourcing and supply chain. But expertise alone won’t get us where we’re going. So we leverage technology and intuition, and cultivate an environment of constant learning.

function overview

Project Management

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Our Project Management team follows our projects from start to finish. We oversee the design and build-out of new locations, working closely with a team of architects, designers, construction managers, and technologists. We make sure our spaces open when our members need them, at a competitive cost.

The Real Estate team brings us a formidable portfolio of buildings around the world, and we then turn that portfolio into singular spaces that provide our members with an inspiring place to grow. Across our project teams, we seek to foster an environment that compliments WeWork’s energetic growth. We are driven to deliver on our reputation as a leader in the world of space design & development.

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Our Design team transforms blank canvases into creative epicenters where communities of all sizes can grow and thrive. We treat space as a product, where innovation and iterative thinking is tantamount to our evolution. We operate on a wavelength that requires agility, speed, creativity, and technical intelligence all at once. Humility and curiosity are key drivers on our team.

Our focus is not only on creating an aesthetically-driven, technology-enabled product. We go deeper by constantly reconsidering the processes and systems that we leverage. “How can we do this better?” is a question we ask ourselves everyday.

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Our Construction team leads the industry by building and leveraging industry-changing technology and methodology. Working alongside other Product team members, we strive to elevate the quality, speed, and cost of bringing our product to life.

We are constantly iterating upon the construction process in order to streamline our fabrication and installation procedures. We begin before we are even inside the building, collaborating with our colleagues across all of Product

to deliver our projects quickly and precisely. By incorporating our proprietary technology and research along the way, we are creating a more efficient and impactful workflow that informs the future of our industry.

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Strategy & Operations


In the Strategy & Operations function, we are driven by a passion to cultivate and grow our global Product team — to make their lives and their work experiences more enjoyable, rewarding, and efficient. Together, we design solutions to most pressing issues and challenges that WeWork Development faces, without losing sight of where we came from, where we’re going, and who is on this journey with us.

Leveraging data and insights is integral as we create an environment that challenges our Product team members, encourages growth and innovation, and allows for self-discovery. We create new perspectives on how a Product organization should operate, and constantly exchange ideas throughout our process.

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